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R/C Videos

AFV clip (WMV) 800K

Music video of the AFV clip “When Worlds Collide” (WMV) 7.3MB

Music video “Track-robatics” (WMV) 9.1MB

One lap around the Rodslinger track (WMV) 2.4MB

Terra Crusher at Hobby Town, clip one (MPEG) 5.5MB

Terra Crusher at Hobby Town, clip two (MPEG) 6.3MB

Georgia State Championship Series, Round One, Loganville

Unlimited Monster Truck, A-Main

Phil, Clip #1, Low-res (WMV) 4.2MB - High-res (WMV) 14.3MB


1/8th Scale Sportsman, A-Main

Chad, Clip #1, Low-res (WMV) 1.5MB - High-res (WMV) 9.6MB

Chad, Clip #2, Low-res (WMV) 2.1MB - High-res (WMV) 7.2MB

Danny, Clip #1, Low-res (WMV) 2MB - High-res (WMV) 6.8MB

Danny, Clip #2, Low-res (WMV) 1.6MB - High-res (WMV) 5.4MB

Sugarbowl Trophy Race, Aug 19th, 2006, Sugar Hill, GA

Unlimited Monster Truck, A-Main

Mike (WMV) 6.2MB

Phil (WMV) 6.5MB


Unlimited Monster Truck, Round One Qualifying

Mike, Todd, and Phil (WMV) 3.2MB

Pile-up (WMV) 6.2MB


Other Videos

Ron and I as “The Blues Brothers” (WMV) 7.3MB